Welcome to the Parish of Gaspé. We comprise five congregations (St. Matthew, St. John, St. Paul, St. James and St. Andrew) which amalgamated in 2017. Our services of worship are held at St. Paul’s Church in Gaspé and at St. Andrew’s in York throughout the year, while the remaining three churches are open from spring to autumn. (See our schedule for the rotation of services.) Our weekly worship is enlivened by music director Karen Briand and a faithful choir, all committed to encouraging congregational participation. As rural people, we put stock in the ‘theology of the teacup’, understanding that our sacramental ministry is richly supplemented by kitchen table pastoral care shared by the ordained and the laity. We are an inclusive parish. We realize much is to be done to renew our commitment to living out Jesus’s commission to his followers. In this, we shall continue to be guided by the Five Marks of Mission.

Present clergy:
Cynthia Patterson, 418-645-2715 or 581-887-1578, Email; Cynthia Patterson
Doug Johnson, Deacon, 418-645-2983, Email; Doug Johnson

Sharon Howell, Email; Sharon Howell
Elizabeth Baird, Email; Elizabeth Baird

Churches of the Parish of Gaspe

1 - St. Matthew's, Peninsula
2 - St. Andrew's, York
3 - St. James, Wakeham
4 - St. Paul's, Gaspe
5 - St. John's, Sandy Beach